Anywhere raincoat from LET LIV

How fabulous are these Anywhere raincoats by PAQME from LET LIV. Light enough to be zipped away in your handbag pocket. Classy, stylish and oh so practical.

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Lindi Kingi

Lindi Kingi, a household name I believe. A name that all New Zealanders should know and if they don't, they ought to. Lindi Kingi, a collection of beaded jewellery born of a love for the eclectic, the exotic and the precious. Lindi Kingi, style.
Photo one via The Design Chaser with thanks.
Lindi Kingi jewellery, the perfect addition to any outfit. Available to buy here and check for your nearest stockist here.

Lucky for us the Lindi Kingi team were feeling generous. They have a gorgeous set of Skinny Neons to give away to one lucky Milo and Mitzy reader. All you need to do is email me on with the subject line Skinny Neons. So simple. I will draw a winner tomorrow and let you know via email. Good luck.
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Self confessed BLOCKAHOLIC

I am a blockaholic! There, I said it! Four nights a week. Seriously you cannot get much better than that right? I have taken over that TV remote and jeepers do I love it!
via here and here with thanks
I am a huge fan of Jo and Damo, don't get me wrong there. They are fabulous to watch and Jo does have great style, but jeez, Alex and Corban are streets ahead of everyone else. Those two have put in some serious serious yards, huge amounts of research and their experience is clearly evident. 

So it was very cool when Alex and Corbans Muriwai home did the rounds on social media over the weekend. It took me back to when their house also featured in New Zealands Homestyle Magazine. Recently this amazing home of theirs, built entirely from shipping containers sold for a cool 1.2 mil.

This then led me onto checking out the Australian Block room reveals as there have been some seriously talented designers come from The Block Australia. How fabulous are some of these rooms below?

all via here
Have a happy Monday to you all. Hopefully I can get more posts than one done this week!!! errr, sorry about that! :)
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Monday muddle up

A bit of a Monday muddle up today as that's how I am feeling after a rather busy social weekend. First up, I am head over heels in love with this rad kitchen as found here. The black cabinetry is what does it for me and those amazing dining room chairs.

Next up is one lady who is just going from strength to strength. Olivia Smith of Nodi Handmade Rugs has blown it out of the water with her new Organic Lines range. These rugs are lovingly woven and handmade in India from the finest jute, cotton and Viscose.  Dreaming of owning one of these babies one day!

 And lastly, these 100% merino baby wraps from New Zealands Burrow & Be have caught my eye lately. Such fabulous designs making them an awesome present to give to an expectant Mum. Perfect for wrapping the new bundle as well as being super super stylish.
Happy Monday. I hope you all have a great start to the week and do keep those emails coming in introducing me to new bits and pieces. I love getting your messages.
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Blonde Wood

I am in the slow process of trying to change the wood in my house to mostly being blonde wood. Completely on trend right now, blonde wood gives off modern fresh summery vibe, looks great with black white or colours and mixes well with tiles, concrete and marble.
via here and  here with thanks

I am saving my pennies to purchase some of these awesome Hudson Stools from Mocka. I have thought long and hard about bar stools and which ones would work best in our house yet be able to stand the test of time and after much research I have come to the decision to purchase four of these Hudson Mocka stools. (When the bank allows...and the husband!)

Another business who is killing it with their blond wooden furniture is New Zealands Lily Jane Boutique. Im eyeing up one of their cubby side tables, but seriously the whole collection screams cool, especially that insane Lux wardrobe.

1 2
Some further interior inspiration pics showing great uses of blond colour wood used throughout the home. What do you think? Converted? I hate being a follower I really do, but Im find it hard not to jump on the band wagon of this darn rad trend!

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Salt Water Sandals from Kids Caravan

Seriously, I am not kidding when I tell you this, the first sign of summer and I whip my feet out of my winter boots, paint my nails and live in sandals for as long as I possibly can. Even if it means cranking the car heater on my feet to get me through the first of those frosty mornings.
So as you could imagine, that I am doing a serious happy dance to not only hear that the lovely Fabi of Kids Caravan is now a stockist of the ridiculously cool Salt Water Sandals, also that she is bringing in both kids and adults sizes... and that Frankie and I are super super lucky to be getting a pair each. Cant wait to rock our mummy daughter Salt Water Sandals.
Seriously these are a cult classics. Originating in the 1940s, Salt Water Sandals are sun, sea and sand resistant and look insanely awesome no matter what you are wearing.  The best part is that Mummy can now rock them too. How cool is that?
Be sure to pop over to Kids Caravan to pick yourself and your mini up a pair of Salt Water Sandals. You will be oozing coolness this summer that's for sure.
Amy x

Kick ass Home tour

Sorry for my sparse posts this week. (Make that one post) Sick kids and a run down Mum! Seems that everyone is on the mend now though. I thought we would kick off the week on a Sunday with a house tour simply because I am madly in love with this home.

I know I have seen that cute owl art work somewhere. Just cant think where. See mood board below for similar quirky art work. And I love those wire basket coffee tables. Having the two of them doubles the effect.

Small but cute kitchen. Using a rug on the floor adds personality and charm. And lastly the most gorgeous, inviting, fresh and clean bedroom. Love the gorgeous draping curtain and the textile white light. LET ME IN! Seriously! Get a similar look using these products from some of my favourite online stores here in New Zealand.

Get the look using this Brita rug from Mintsix, Forest cushion from Bold Lampshades, Rabbit with flowers card from Paper Plane Store and the Timothy John side kick coffee table also from Paper Plane store.
Happy Sunday.
Amy x
Images via Fantastic Frank who once again, kills it with amazing styling!

Festoon string lights from Flux Boutique


Everyone is going a bit nuts over these awesome festoon strings lights. Wait, let me re-phase that. I am going a bit nuts over this lights, that's for sure. I have just ordered from the lovely Emma at Flux Boutique. Excitement!  

These come in 10 metre lengths and look wicked both indoors and out. I am yet to decide when I will put mine. No doubt they will be moved several times.

images via with thanks
Be sure to head on over to Flux Boutique to snap your up. So effective for such a great price. Seriously. The coolest! That is all. Happy Monday. Be sure to drop me an email if you have anything that you would like to show me or anything that you think I might be interested in.
Amy x

Two Birds One Bear

I was over the moon when I recently discovered a new hat brand for toddlers by the name of Two Birds One Bear. I am always on the look out for cool hats for Frankie and Patch, hard to come by sometimes! Designed by Sian, hailing from New Zealand and living in Melbourne, Australia. Below Sian gives us an insight into her busy life and the inspiration behind Two Birds One Bear.
Some back ground information.
I’ve always been someone who cannot sit still and loves to be busy with work or personal projects. I did one of those left / right sided brain tests recently and it revealed that I am exactly 50/50. I love creativity but I would say my real talent is bringing things to life! Throughout my career in New Zealand and now Australia, I have always been involved with a brand at its infancy and been apart of the team that makes it grow and become successful. Building brands is what you would call it! That is what I’m passionate about and love hearing stories of people doing the same. I get a lot of my inspiration from following creative and talented people and interesting brands on Pinterest & Instagram. I love the visual aspect of it, as I don't get a lot of time to read these days. Having all that inspiration in one feed is amazing!
I would have to say my biggest inspiration is my entrepreneurial husband, he is so talented in so many ways and one of the most driven people I know. My son is the person who inspired me to create the Two Birds One Bear brand. I realised when he was born, that there was a very small range of cool boys hats in the market. Everything seemed to be bucket hats with teddy bears, stars or polka dots. Whilst I understand the need for the wide brim, I still think there is a time and place for peaked hats. Whilst working part time and looking after my little boy, I started to develop my own products on the side. I decided to go for the more classic and simple style peaked hats and plan to grow this with colour variations and styles. My hats are designed for the 1-4 age group.

I really wanted my son to be a part of the brand as it is essentially for him! As he gets older I’d like to teach him things I have learned from my experiences, but also to do it in an enterprising way. I’m also so lucky to have such a healthy little boy and have heard stories and watched so many documentaries on the heartache some parents have been through. Because of this I decided that I would donate 10% of Two Birds One Bear profit to charities that help enrich children’s lives. I think it is important for my son to have an appreciation for this.
 Favourite blogs
Captain + the Gypsy Kid, They All Hate Us, Milo& Mitzy, Mintsix, The Man Has Style + D’Marge  (I’ve always loved men’s fashion!) and lastly The Cool Hunter.
Lastly, I asked Sian to share her must see's and do's when visiting Melbourne.
I am a kiwi girl living in Melbourne. If you were to visit this amazing city you must:
Stay at an Art Series hotel (The Olsen + The Cullen are my top picks)
Eat brunch or lunch at the Stables in the Como Gardens in Toorak (in summer they will pack a picnic and croquet set for you and they are very kid friendly!)
Pick up some fresh fruits + deli goodies at the Prahran or South Melbourne market
Visit Melbourne or Werribee Safari Zoo (if you have kids)
Furniture and homeware shopping at Industrial Revolution on High St in Armadale, followed by coffee + a browse down the street.
Stroll around Albert Park (Husk + Tienda stores are my favourite)
Walk around the bays or Albert Park Lake
Watch  a movie at the open air Moonlight Cinemas in the Botanical Gardens
Drive down the coast to Sorrento + the Mornington Peninsula vineyards for some R+R.
Pop over and visit Two Birds One Bear now and be sure to check out their instagram and Facebook too for cool inspiration photos that I am warning, may make you a bit clucky!
Amy x


Since discovering Plyroom on Instagrm, I have been pretty darn obsessed with all of their products. Designed using nothing but the best craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, Plyroom furniture desires to provide beautiful uncomplicated things, letting the simplicity of each product speak for themselves.

It is brands such as Plyroom that urge me to get rid of all of my existing furniture, start again and deck my whole house out in this striking blond wood. Simple, eye catching and effective.

Often used by the very talented Jacinda of Hide and Sleep, Plyroom furniture looks amazing mixed with many different looks.

Lastly before we go, congratulations to Amanda Bull who has won the amazing prize from the massive Milo and Mitzy giveaway and thank you again to all our contributing businesses. I hope that you pooed over to their sites to check out what other insane products they have on offer.
Amy x

Time of the Aquarius

I have always been a big fan of the blog that I am featuring today. The fact is though that I haven't visited this site for a while as time doesn't allow me to browse around my favourite blogs too much at the moment. I was happy to see this blog come up on Desire to Inspire recently which prompted me to pop over for a quick read.

Time of the Aquarius is what I am talking about. And jeepers I wasn't disappointed when I did head over for a quick read. Beautiful photography, Minimal, simple style yet with a cool fun family vibe.

Time of the Aquarius is written by freelancer stylist and writer Minna Jones. Unfortunately the blog is only written in English, but the beautiful images of Minnas family home and holiday cabin speak for themselves.

Amy x

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...