Midget Design

Afternoon all. I hope you are all having a nice day. I am sitting here with a hot water bottle on my lap sipping a lemon drink. Still haven't beaten this darn cold! I just wanted to bring Midget Design to your attention. In my words a fresh take on New Zealand jewellery with a unique and cool twist.

Midget Design is a New Zealand fashion label for jewellery and accessories. Every piece is designed and created by Georgie Gaddum who trained in Graphic Design and Advertising in Wellington. She taught design at Weltec in Wellington, and is now teaching at Wintec in the Waikato.

Midget Design specialises in jewellery made from acrylic plastic and wood, which has been laser cut for a crisp clean finish. The designs are bright, bold and personal – certain to make an impact.
Georgie gets inspiration for her pieces from the Hawkes Bay farm where she grew up and her current home in Raglan, on New Zealand’s rugged west coast. Enjoy. A x

Aroha and Friends

Morning all. For the second part of my NZ fashion week with a twist series, I wish to introduce you to my favorite shop in the entire world. (Big call, but it is true!) Aroha and Friends which is based in my hometown, Hawkes Bay. Their online store is known as House of Aroha and has a ridiculously cool blog to go with it. They stock the most divine clothes and their artwork is insane. Check it all out here. A x

I love cooking!

Happy hump day to you all. I cant believe it is Wednesday already. I have spent the week at home crook. I think a walk in the sun is just what I need. I also know that cooking cheers me us so I have turned to always divine What Katie Ate blog for inspiration. Enjoy. A x

Sisters Boutique

Well, Monday saw the kick off of NZ fashion week and how rad it all looks. I realise that most blogs are reporting on this subject so instead of showing you piccys that you have probably seen else where already, I thought I would bring you a couple of reports on cool NZ boutiques that are making a name form themselves in their own way. First up, Sisters Boutique, in the heart of Mount Manganui.

"A luxurious and relaxed boutique, Sisters creates a shopping experience where we encourage our guests to relax, take their time and indulge in discovering divine fashion with help from our team of trained stylists"

Sisters stocks amazing brands nationally and internationally such as Battina Liano, Karen Walker and Sass and Bide.

Please do become a member of this site by clicking on the tab to the left of this page. More exciting things coming your way and hello to all of my new readers. Nice to have you on board. A x

The perfect summer necklace

Totally digging these necklaces. Perfect to brighten up any outfit. Available here. A x

Blog Loving - Bella Mumma

This very cool blog shares tips on wellness, helath and beauty. Always such fresh ideas. Here are Nikkis ideas for beating the winter blues. A x

Research shows, more than ever, that there are easy ways to boost our mood...
1. Don't dwell. 
Rumination—whether rehashing things from the past or worrying about the future—worsens and lengthens periods of depression and can make everyday bad moods more intense. Break the bad mood cycle by doing something constructive: Go for a run, get a manicure, play with your dog—and really get into whatever you're doing.
2. Act the part. 
Anything we do to promote our social relationships is a great way to achieve happiness. Oh, and when you see those friends? Be nice. "If you want to be happy, practice compassion," preaches the Dalai Lama—and a UC Riverside study found that favors as small as doing your roommates dishes can enhance your mood.
3. Get healthy.
Exercise that is rhythmic, repetitive, noncompetitive, and involves diaphragmatic breathing {from your belly} yields the biggest mental payoff. Yoga has the additional benefit of increasing levels of GABA {a neurotransmitter associated with happy, calm feelings} and lowering levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress. And it turns out that one of the best oral antidepressants doesn't require a prescription: eat monosaturated fats {like avocado, olive oil, and nuts} and oily, cold-water fish {like salmon} three times a week {or take a fish-oil supplement, otherwise known as Omega-3 Fatty Acids}. Almost everyone in our society is deficient in fish oil, which has powerful effects on brain function and mood.
4. Buy flowers and play music. 
Studies show that flowers make us less anxious, less depressed, more compassionate at home, and more enthusiastic at work - while music can affect the pleasure centre of the brain.
5. Be optimistic. 
Scientists who study positive psychology believe that a little delusion—ie. actually doing a little magical thinking—can actually go a long way toward making us happier, healthier, and far more successful. Studies have also shown that optimism can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, improve immune function, and maybe even lengthen your life.

Maison Scotch

Excitement alert! The Maison Scotch Spring Summer collection has hit the shops and is available at Hunt and Seek and soon to be online. I had a peep at the collection and I have to admit that I wanted EVERYTHING!

What are you all up to for the weekend? I have a hens party which will be fun. We are off to a couple of wineries for lunch and the afternoon. Apart from that, not a lot is going on which is rather nice! I hope you all enjoy yourselves. Hello to all my new readers and thanks to all of my old. A x

Trend Alert

Happy Friday to you all and what a happy one it is too! My last day of placement, back to normality! The latest summer shoe trend to hit our shores are Flatforms. Style, height and comfort all in one. What more could a girl want? Have a fab day whatever you are doing and please feel free to leave any comments or links that we may be interested in. Enjoy, A x

Flower Power

Morning all. I hope all is well. I am glad it is nearing towards the end of the week as I am now into the last two days of my teaching practical. As fantastic as it has been I am ready to get a life back. The weather has been incredible this week considering we had snow last! Here are few pretty hair pics for you to squizz over. Enjoy, A x

Beach Cottage

Morning all. I hope that you are having a good first half of the week. I just wanted to show you this ridiculously clever blog, Beach Cottage. The creative driving force behind this is the funny and talented Sarah from Australia. Enjoy, A x

Cooper by Trelise

Loving everything that Trelise Cooper has put out in her latest Cooper By Trelise line and this is not even half of it! A x

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...