Blog Awards

I was delighted to hear recently that Vic, over at Cush and Nooks  and Abbey at Gild and Grace (Fave blogs of mine) had given me a fun blogger award. Thanks so much. Very cool of you. The award calls for me to share some things about myself, and then spread the love by awarding it to other bloggers.
So here goes...

I go absolutely bananas over summer.

The food that would win my heart over, hands down, any day, is a home made gourmet burger

My girlfriends mean the absolute world to me. Lost without those buggers!

My favourite thing to do in the whole entire world is to sit outside on a beautiful summers evening enjoying good wine and food with friends and family, plus a spot of singing, dancing and silly nonsense thrown in for later on.

My favorite thing to do following this night of drinking wine with family and friends is to tuck up with a new magazine and a hot cuppa tea.

I think I am probably a little obsessed with the colour white. Flowers, interior, clothing - you name it!

My hair has a crazy mind of its own.

I married a total dish, hes not to bad of a person either!!!!

Current obsession - Stripes

Now I pass the award on to other special bloggers, so they can repeat the process.

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